27 de fevereiro de 2012

jam jokes

i break things, i just do

i make them, one after another
(they just keep on getting better)
then i break then
not for pleasure
not with pain
but because they are things
and i get attached to them
so i break them
i hold them as if i'd never let go, then i remember 
it isn't perfect, i'm attached,
so i open my hands, gently
and see it fall, in slow motion
for it to break piece by peace, peace by piece
it hurts as much as it reliefs
so it's all and nothing, they'd say 
i'd say it depends on the day
with me, it always depends
(and that's always the problem)

... now break this in two, as i'd do
(show me the result)

3 comentários:

  1. Desconfio que me deixaste cair a vida...

  2. (It shouldn’t be a problem)

    A tornado is nice.
    He means well.
    But he is a tornado.

    We are everything.
    We are a Cezanne painting.
    We are The Forest.
    We dance.
    As animals.

    We are it ease.
    For a while.


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